Bride Surprises Groom With Colorblind Glasses On Their Wedding Day

A bride did the sweetest thing for her new husband when she gave him the gift of seeing all the colors again.


A heartwarming video of the new bride and groom has gone viral after she gave him a pair of colorblind glasses.


“You guys can see this everyday?” Her husband asks, after he is able to see the blue skies and the green grass.


Karli surprised her husband, Ty, with EnChroma glasses just after their first look, and his reaction to seeing color for the first time is priceless.

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Sanmi Falae
Sanmi Falae

We should learn to thank God for things we take for granted and not wait until we see people who don’t have them to appreciate those things or people and thank God for them. It is so easy to get used to looking, walking, lifting, eating etc without having to think or make any effort to do so.

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