22-Year-Old Raising His Younger Brother After Parents Died Are Gifted Remodeled Home

It’s been a tough few years for 22-year-old Jaylan and his brother Julian, 12 after they lost their parents and grandfather. Jaylan kept his promise to his mom that he would look out for Julian.


Jaylan said, “[I] try my best to keep him in check, make sure he doesn’t get in trouble, and make sure he’s loved,” he said.

Their home was battered by Hurricane Harvey and the 2021 freeze. “At one point, I was just done with the house. I was ready to sell it at one point. It was too much weight on my shoulders. I couldn’t do it,” said Jaylan.

That’s when Katy Responds, a local organization there responded in the most remarkable way with help from Lakewood Church. “There’s just no way they could’ve lived in it and probably would’ve never fixed it,” said Executive Director Ron Peters.

The nonprofit remodeled the entire home in three months. “I want you to have a safe place to live. I want you to be able to not worry about your home for a few years,” said Peters. “This is what we do. It’s hard work. It’s non-profit work, but it’s why we do it is for those guys.”

With a sturdy roof over their heads, Jaylin and Julian are ready for a new start to their lives. “It makes me so happy to see that there’s good people. I just like the way we’ve been treated. I didn’t think anything good would happen,” said Julian.


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