Dad With Terminal Cancer Sees Son Graduate Months Early To Fulfill Last Wish

Attending their child’s graduation ceremony, is a proud moment for any parent, just like their first steps, first words, weddings, they would never want to miss it for anything.

But there are some parents for whom celebrating these moments are not taken for granted. Nick Hughes and his wife, Kami, are two of those parents.

Their son Joshua has almost completed high school and he and Nick have some big plans: They are planning to set out to the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Florida, for a wonderful father-and-son experience.

Lats year was a gruesome year for Nick when he found out he had colon cancer. They tried treatment, but it was an advanced cancer and it was clear that Nick had to enter hospice care at Wren Hospice.

Nick’s condition was worsening and it seemed that would not be able to see his son graduate, let alone start his career.

But thank God that he was in good hands, as Jaime Hester of Wren Hospice knew what meant happiness to Nick in the little time he had left.

Kami started planning on it and helped set up a graduation ceremony for Joshua, so Nick would get to see him graduate.

“We are having a pre graduation for Josh Vaughn and Nick Hughes,” Kami wrote on Facebook, “Hospice has set it up all is welcome. It’s gonna be at 1002 S. Buncombe Rd. Greer SC 29651. Please come join us. Tomorrow at 4:30 p.m.”

“P. S. Nick doesn’t know anything about it yet so please don’t say nothing to him. It’s a surprise!!”

Kami roped Nick in by saying that that they were going out to dinner, but when they stopped at Pleasant Grove Baptist church, Nick was wondering what was going on.

They shared on their Facebook later “I would love to give a big thanks to all the wonderful kind hearted people who made yesterday happen.” “And those who (were) able to join us in our celebration!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! You all have a special place in our hearts!!”

Such a wonderful way of fulfilling Nick’s last desires and so kind of Jaime and the whole bunch of people to get together and do something so special for Nick.

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