Dad Hears God’s Voice After His Young Son With Down Syndrome Was Diagnosed With Cancer

The story of Cade Wegener is absolutely a miracle. The young boy, who also has Down Syndrome, was diagnosed with sarcoma, a rare kind of cancer in October 2015.

Cade’s dad, Chris Wegener remembers the shocking moment – “Dropped a pretty big bomb on us and our family, and left us with not a whole lot of hope at that point,” He had a tumor against his spine. So he needed treatments that could have potentially damage his nerves and leave him left him walking with a limp the rest of his life.

While Cade was getting the best medical care possible, the family relied on their faith to help guide them through this difficult time.

“I felt God say, ‘Chris, I’m going to heal your son,” Chris moved to tears, when he said these words. “And that peace came over me, and we’ve had a peace about it ever since.”

Miraculously, just one year later, in October 2016, the family received the big news that Cade is completely cancer-free. The below video shows Cade ringing a bell signaling his defeat over his cancer battle.

While Cade was enjoying his life, in May 2017, another tumor was found and he began radiation again. But the smile on his face strenghtens his family. “He finds joy in the smallest things,” his dad Chris said. “If a kid can joke with the nurses while getting chemo, that’s a special kid.”

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