Candace Cameron Bure Finds Humor and Wisdom in Job’s Response to His Friends’ Advice

Candace Cameron Bure, renowned for her acting career and her deep Christian faith, recently shared a unique moment of humor she encountered while reading the Old Testament’s book of Job.

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While Job’s narrative is often associated with suffering and steadfast faith, Bure discovered a moment of unexpected humor that resonated with her.

Job’s story is a testament to faith under fire. Once a man blessed with immense wealth, health and a loving family, Job faces an unimaginable test when Satan challenges his devotion to God. Stripped of his health, wealth, and family, Job’s faith remains steadfast, proving Satan wrong.

Amidst his suffering, Job receives advice from friends that misses the mark, setting the stage for the moment that caught Bure’s attention.

Reflecting on this, Bure highlighted a particular verse that made her laugh. “There’s a line in there that he says back to them, and I’m paraphrasing: ‘If only you would just shut your mouth, and let that be your wisdom,’” she recounted.

Bure’s reaction to Job’s candid advice was one of immediate recognition. “I was like, ‘Job, that’s so smart.’

She elaborated on her reaction, sharing, “Sometimes people think they are so wise, and I’m, like, if you’d only shut your mouth and being wise from keeping silent. It made me laugh out loud reading that in the Bible.”

Bure’s encounter with Job’s words underscores a universal truth about the power of silence and the wisdom it can convey.

Let us remember that sometimes, showing our wisdom means choosing silence and listening to God’s voice above all. Let’s think before we speak, acting wisely in faith and love.

Be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry.” – James 1:19

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