Everyone Ignored This Street Musician, Then 4 Kittens Showed Up To Support Him

Being rejected and ignored are all part of a street musician’s life. This Malaysian busker was going through the same situation. He performed throughout the night, but no one stopped to listen to his music.

Music Cats

But an unlikely group of music lovers showed up to support him. The adorable video shows, four 3-month-old kittens enjoys his performance in the cutest way.

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Precious, no matter how you look at it. Animals always provide and show unconditional love. And humans say animals don’t have a soul!

Janet Baldwin

Absolutely agree 100%.

Lenore Casswell

So sweet! They r the best judge of Great talent.

Janet Baldwin


Janet Baldwin

So sweet, animals are the best judge of people.

Theodora Bruin

Precious…look how intent thet sit listening to this musician. Love this!



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