Toddler With Spina Bifida Overcomes Incredible Obstacle with Dad by His Side

This short video clip of a toddler pulling himself up to his wheelchair is an important lesson in perseverance and resilience for all of us.


The young boy, Bubba Cashman suffers from Spina bifida which is a congenital condition involving the failure of normal development of the spinal cord and vertebrae.

In the video shared by his father, Chase Harris, Bubba gets help from his father in the form of encouragement and instruction as he tries to get up by himself onto his wheelchair from the floor for the first time and succeeds.

Bubba struggles initially, but eventually managed to turn and twist his body all by himself and finally landed himself perfectly which was followed by a celebration with his dad who was with him all the way, guiding him and giving him the support he needed.

Not only is this video a lesson in perseverance and having a winning mindset but also shows the importance of fathers and their role in a child’s life and helping them overcome obstacles by lending them emotional and moral support.

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