The Chosen Leads One of the Actors to Christ

Nick Shakoour, acclaimed for his role as Zebedee in the wildly successful series ‘The Chosen’, experienced an unexpected journey of faith while working on the show. Initially a non-believer, his immersion in the Christian environment on and off the set led to a life-altering encounter with the Holy Spirit, transforming him from a mere actor to a firm believer in Christ.

chosen star accepts christ

‘The Chosen’: More Than Just a Show

‘The Chosen’, a crowdfunded project by Angel Studios, tells the captivating story of Jesus’s life and ministry. Its creators have skillfully brought to life the people mentioned in the scriptures, making them relatable to modern audiences. Interestingly, the show’s director, Dallas Jenkins, ensured that the best person was chosen for each role, regardless of their faith, resulting in a diverse cast and crew of Christians and non-Christians.

Nick Shakoour: The Journey From Actor to Believer

For Shakoour, the role of Zebedee—the father of James and John—started as another acting job. Little did he know that his time on set would prove to be more than just another credit to his acting portfolio. Surrounded by believers, he was influenced by the “behind-the-scenes people who are Believers” and by their friends. He started to explore their faith, and before long, he found himself being drawn towards God.

WATCH: Nick Shakoour Talks About His Role As Zebedee

The Defining Moment: Embracing the Holy Spirit

The turning point came at a church conference last September, where Shakoour was invited by fellow believers. “The next thing I knew a bunch of people surrounded me … and laid their hands over me and started praying,” Shakoour shared with Christian Headlines. “And I was able to experience what it was like to experience the Holy Spirit going from outside to in and it set my body into flames.”

The overwhelming experience was transformative and life-altering for Shakoour. “I literally felt like I was given a brand new body – brand new everything,” he said, describing the profound change he felt.

A Testament to the Power of Prayer

His conversion is not only an astonishing testimony but also a tribute to the power of prayer. Shakoour later learned that a lead construction worker on ‘The Chosen’ had prayed specifically for one of the non-believing actors to realize the truth. “He said, ‘We got together as a construction crew, and we prayed for one of the actors to receive the Holy Spirit, and [that the actor] would become the seed that would spread the gospel,'” Shakoour recalled.

With a sense of awe, Shakoour pointed out that the very first character’s home they wrote Bible verses on before painting was that of Zebedee, his own character. This amazing alignment was evidence for him that God’s hand was intricately involved in the process.

An Inspiring Journey of Faith

Shakoour now sees his role in ‘The Chosen’ as more than just a path to fame or worldly success. It’s a vehicle to share his newfound faith and encourage others. “The show’s been a blessing and I’ve loved acting in it. But it’s definitely been the conduit that I can’t help but talk about,” he shared.

With Season 4 in the works, Shakoour continues to share his faith journey on and off the screen, proving that the ‘Chosen’ is not just influencing its viewers, but its actors as well.

But whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again. The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” – John 4:14