Christian Wrestler’s Faith-Filled Victory Speech Sparks Controversy

Following a triumphant NCAA title win, 22-year-old Penn State wrestler Aaron Brooks found himself at the center of a heated debate due to his post-match comments on Christianity and Muhammad.


After his victory against Parker Keckeisen (Northern Iowa) during the Division I Mens Wrestling Championship, Brooks attributed his success to his faith in Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Brooks expressed the significance of Christ’s resurrection in his life, stating, “It’s everything. Christ’s resurrection is everything. Not just his life, but his death and resurrection. You can only get that through Him — the Holy Spirit only through Him.”

However, it was his subsequent remarks that ignited a heated debate. Brooks added, “No false prophets, no Muhammad or no anyone else. Only Jesus Christ himself.”

Despite being exhausted from his match, Brooks went on to talk about the power of the Holy Spirit, quoting Acts 1:8, “Acts 1:8, Power, Holy Spirit power, it’s everything,” he said. “That’s where it’s from.”

WATCH: Aaron Brooks Opens Up About His Christian Faith

“This platform is great to wrestle on, but it’s to glorify God. “This stuff comes and goes. I’m blessed with this opportunity, these gifts. They’re not mine. He gives them to me to bring glory to Him”, Brooks told Penn State student newspaper (March 2022).

Some individuals found Brooks’ comments about false prophets and Muhammad offensive, equating them to bigotry and claiming they were unnecessary.

A person by the name, Sarwat Malik tweeted,“FunFact: you can practice your faith without sounding like bigot and dragging someone else’s faith so disrespectfully,”.“Absolutely uncalled for, BRAZEN.”

Here are some of the responses to Aaron Brooks’s statements

NCAA Wrestling was also criticized for initially sharing the post-match video and then subsequently deleting it.

As of now, Brooks has not publicly addressed the controversy surrounding his statements.


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