Woman Feeding The Homeless For 20 Years Says She Does It So They Can Feel God’s Love

It’s not about the big things you do, but even little acts of kindness done towards people can make a big impact on society.

Every Saturday for the last 20 years, a Denver woman has taken over a downtown street corner and provided a meal for those in need.

“She has a servant’s heart,” said volunteer Chris Rivera of Gloria Hoffer.

Chris has been helping Gloria for the last 12 years to take care of those in need.

“The homeless, they don’t have too much that they can count on, but every Saturday, they know at least that they can get a meal if they show up on this corner,” he said.

Gloria has been handing out sack lunches for the last 20 years in the area near 20th and Curtis Streets to feed the homeless.

“We started out with burritos and we’ve gone to biscuits and gravy and then cereal and then hot chocolate and coffee,” she said.

It all started when Gloria’s then young son said he was feeling bored.

“I taught him that this isn’t about you, it’s about helping others. So I got him out here, and he grew up doing this.”

Calling it her personal ministry, most of the food is provided with her own finances, but it’s not all about just food.

“Whatever they needed we tried to get it to them, you know clothes, whatever they need, and we’re out here to help them,” she said. “We’re not judging them. I’m not the judge. I’m not the jury. I’m just here to help them.”

Gloria and volunteers like Chris, say it’s about more than giving out food.

“I hope what they get out of this is that they are loved. To know that they can stop for a minute and know that God loves me.”

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