Woman Dies From Heart Attack, Visits “Heaven” And Comes Back To Share Her Testimony

One woman had the most sublime experience of her life when she died and visited “heaven” after a sudden cardiac arrest.

Janelle Wooford testimony

On Nov 8, 2021, Janelle Wooford had just had her meal when she felt some sort of pain in her left shoulder, which quickly traveled to her jaw. Her palms got sweaty and her breath became shallow and hard. She quickly sensed that it must be something with her heart.

Quickly, Wooford alerted her daughter, letting her know that she is not well and in some sort of a medical emergency. Wooford then immediately rang up 911.

“She’s like, ‘call 911,'” Janelle says. “So, I did. They came in and I remember the EMT started asking me questions, who I was, and how I was feeling, and I started to describe to him the pain and what all the symptoms were that I was feeling. All of a sudden, I just said, ‘My head feels funny.’ I said, ‘And my vision.’ And at that point all I saw, it was like this veil – this white, cloudy veil just kind of came down. And that was it.”

Janelle found herself standing in a bright place and became overwhelmed with peace, comfort, and joy; she had no worries about what was happening back in the world and dreaded going back from such a beautiful place. She just did not want to go back to earth.

“It was a place of comfort. It was like a familiar place. I knew people that I loved were there, and I was looking to see what was there and who all was there. It was just beautiful. No pain, no fear, just peace, comfort, and joy. It was amazing. Why would you want to leave? I didn’t, ” she recounted.

But then her time in “heaven” was short-lived, while she was experiencing all of the beauty and joy, she heard someone call her name, ‘Janelle’, which she ignored for the first time. But then the voice came back again, calling out her name and so she responded thinking that if she did answer, she would be allowed to visit again the next time. The minute she answered, Wooford found herself right back to earth again, surrounded by the emergency service personnel and her daughter.

While she was in “heaven”, the EMTs performed CPR on him and shocked her to get her back after she went into cardiac arrest. But they could not get back her heart to beat again. For nearly three minutes, Janelle had been dead.

She was then taken to the hospital, where they found a small tear in her artery, and was discharged after spending two days at the hospital. The tear would eventually heal on its own.

Describing the entire Heavenly experience which was as real as it could get, Janelle believes that it was the work of God and that she was made to go through it for her daughter.”So, that she can have that reassurance to know, truly know, that Jesus is real, God is real, Heaven is real and it’s all worth it. To know that whatever you go through on this earth, in this earthly life, as bad and as hard as it is, it’s worth it to know Jesus as your savior and to trust God with all you’re going through.”

Adding more to the sublime experience she had, Janelle explained that the heavenly beauty she witnessed was incomprehensible. “There is nothing on this earth that can even give you a comprehension of how amazing and glorious the peace and the joy is up there. The knowledge of knowing that Heaven is there waiting on me, on everyone that trusts and believes in Him – it’s just amazing.”

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