Hero Fishermen Rescue Teens Swept Out To Sea Off California coast

‘Hero’ fishermen helped save the lives of two teenage girls who were in danger of drowning after being swept out to sea in Monterey Bay.


The fishermen who were in the right place right time last week did not hesitate to jump in and help the two teenagers during their ordeal.

The group of fishermen who were salmon fishing said that they decided to stay in the water for a little longer and that’s why they were able to spot the girls in the water.

Boat captain Michael Arujo said, “Thank God we were there because there was nobody behind us, and there was no boats coming out,” he said. “It would have took about at least half an hour to get there, and in that water, you can’t last 10 minutes.”

The 16-year-old girls had gone under at Salinas River State Beach, “Oh my God, the poor little girls. So cold,” continued Arujo. “I grabbed the first girl and helped her up, she was so cold, and she collapsed on the deck.”

The girls were in a really bad condition and could barely stand up when they were rescued and brought into the fishermen’s boat.

Fisherman Bill Weilbacher who was among the rescuers said, “I mean, neither one of them could stand up when they got on the boat, and you know, the one young lady said she couldn’t feel her legs,” he said.

Weilbacher added, “So, everything worked out as well as it possibly could have, and the stars really aligned for them, and for us, quite honestly. It was just a wonderful experience.”

The girls had been in the water for more than 30 minutes with an alarming temperature of 53-degrees but they did not seek any medical care according to Lifeguards.