Family Singing Beautiful Rendition Of ‘Big Enough’ Will Strengthen You

“God, who began the good work within you will perfect and complete it until the day of Christ Jesus”(Phi 1:6)

The young generation is raising their voice for Jesus, because they know God is big enough and He’ll finish every good work He starts in them! Clark family singing the beautiful rendition “Big Enough” will give you the heavenly confidence that God is in control, and their music is powerful enough to deliver many souls from bandages and win them for Jesus!

Dear friends, there is no such problem that our God cannot handle it. Our God is bigger than all our troubles and He is mighty to deliver us from all the problems! He who is supreme in position and absolute in power is our Abba Father and He is bigger than anything you can name it! And His thoughts and ways are bigger than ours and we are called to trust and rest in His strength!

“The LORD is my strength and shield, I trust Him with all my heart”(Psa 28:7)