Cody Johnson Sings Acoustic Country Hymn ‘His Name Is Jesus’

Country singer Cody Johnson performs an acoustic version of his original song ‘His Name Is Jesus.’

While sharing the story behind this hit song, Cody told about his pastor who encouraged him to call out Jesus Christ by name and thank Him before his concerts. After Cody started to praise the Lord in public, he witnessed a shift in his career and family.

It’s so incredible to watch a mainstream artist praising the Lord from his heart.

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Kimberly Kau

Aloha from Hawaii.

Thank you Cody for sharing your story and this beautiful song.
What a blessing to me.
I found myself singing along with you and your band.

God bless.


Never before have we needed Our Lord Jesus Christ more! Thank you, Cody for offering your talent and voice back to Him.

One of my favorite names for Him is Lamb of God. Thank you, Emmanuel, for forever remaining with us.

Johnnie Iguess

I had not heard Cody Johnson before, nor “His Name Is Jesus”. I enjoyed both.. Please keep singing for Jesus..

Laura Barnes

what a beautiful song cody thanks for sharing and keep praising JESUS he is wonderful

Israel Moussa Boureima

Great !


God has surely blessed you and your music. A beautiful song praising our Lord.

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