Florida Police Officer Stops Busy Traffic To Rescue Dog Hit By Car

The dash cam of a Florida police officer captured him rescuing a dog on a busy highway that had been hit by a car.


Officer Joseph Puglia of Pinellas Park Police Department was driving to work when he witnessed a dog getting hit by a car on Interstate 275.

He immediately “swerved over to block the dog from traffic” and noticed that the dog was still alive, and transported it to a nearby animal hospital.

“My heart really sank until I started seeing him breathing,” Puglia said. “I came back [in the SUV] and got an emergency blanket to wrap the dog in, because I didn’t want to hurt him any further.”


After examinations, the dog was pronounced to make a full recovery, but its owner is yet to be located as it does not have a microchip or tag, wrote the police in a Facebook post.

The pup survived with only a few cuts and bruises and has been nicknamed as “Lucky,” because “he’s definitely one lucky dog.”

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