Police Officers Comforts 4-Year-Old Son Of Murdered Woman With Christmas Parade

Christmas is a time of joy and happiness spent with family and relatives, but for one 4-year-old boy whose mother was murdered last month, it was the saddest time in his life.


Jaiden was spending his first Christmas without his mother, Kelsey Clifford, 26, who was found dead on Nov. 11 in Athol, Massachusetts. One person has been arrested in that connection.

Jaiden, or JJ as he is known as, has moved in with his grandparents to cope with his mother’s gruesome murder.

So when the Massachusetts police department got to know that JJ is obsessed with police officers, many police departments came together to give him an incredible Christmas celebration. “This is a very trying time for him and his family,” the Leominster Police Department wrote on Facebook. “Jaiden is a HUGE fan of the police and being from Leominster we sprang into action to deliver some holiday cheer.”


The police officers lined and paraded their cars down the street only for JJ, and they gave him Christmas gifts including a brand-new bicycle. “We were happy to make a Christmas wish come true for a Leominster boy today,” the Fitchburg Police Department wrote on Facebook.

We were happy to make a Christmas wish come true for a Leominster boy today. JJ is four years old and his mother was…

Posted by Fitchburg Police Department on Sunday, December 22, 2019

Photos of JJ posing with his new gifts and police officer friends wearing a big smile have gone viral on social media. “The Fitchburg Police along with multiple Police Departments met today in Leominster to visit with JJ to give him a special gift this holiday season,” the department wrote.


There can be no bigger sorrow for JJ than losing his mom in such a tragic way but the department did all they could to cheer him up. “A parade of police cars and police officers visited with him today,” the department wrote. “Special thanks to Vincent Pusateri II, Esquire, City Solicitor for the City of Fitchburg for donating a bicycle and the Police Officers who purchased gifts.”


It may take a long time for JJ to come out of this difficult season, but the Leominster Police department did all they could to make this a time Jaiden would never forget.

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Michael A. Katz

This was great what the departments from MA came together and did for JJ but I would also like to thank and commend Faithpot. So many times I have seen Faithpot post a story about Police Officers going above and beyond their duties doing something that the general public hardly hears about. Police Officers are human too folks. They are not always big and bad men and women in Blue arresting people. They reach out into their communities to help the less fortunate. I look forward to Faithpot posting about Police Officers and share every one in my Blue Lives… Read more »


A big hug to you. Thanks for your love and support. God bless you.

Mike Martin

As someone who was raised in both Fitchburg and Leominster in the 60s and 70s, I learned early in life to appreciate the police…

John Ortega

Way a Go Sheep Dogs! Semper Fi


Thank you for giving this young man something to smile about.
Kids are not taught to respect Policemen in this day. My son was a detective and retired from
Police work. People have no idea what you go through every day. God bless you.

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