Officer Spots Homeless Man Searching For Food In The Trash, Takes Him To A Restaurant

While most people in the United States see the police as being without any compassion, this police officer in Utah is being praised for his mercy and compassion.

Jonathan Allen photographed him buying a hot dog for a starving homeless man and posted it on his Facebook.

According to Jonathan, the homeless man was searching for food in the trash cans, when Detective Overman spotted him.

Allen wrote “Today I saw this officer buy a hot dog for the man on the right. Prior to the man being at the officers side, he was diving into a trash barrel in hopes of finding food. The officer saw him in need and went outside: ‘Hey dude! Let me get you a dog.’ I don’t know the officer’s name, but thanks for extending this friendly act of kindness to less fortunate citizens of Salt Lake City. It was humbling. We need more compassionate people in law enforcement like yourself.”

The Salt Lake City Police Department thanked Detective Overman for being a great example to the community and wroteon Twitter, “We are proud of our officers and the compassionate service they offer our community everyday! Thanks Det. Overman for being a great example and buying a meal for this man!”

We need more of these kind police officers in Utah and the whole world as well!

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lisa commandeur

When you saw him digging around in the trash for food, why didnt you help him out? You say we all need more compassion but you didnt do anything to help, you only filmed someone else helping him. THANK YOU POLICE OFFICER!


Please show more respect for our officers they put their life on the line for all of us. I look at this situation differently. I see a man digging in the trash for food. An officer helping him and someone maybe driving or walking by and took a picture of it. Thanks to the officer and photographer. God bless you

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