Little Girl Has Dream Of God Telling Her That The Coronavirus Will Be Gone Soon

A little girl from Philippines says she received a reassuring message from God telling her not to be scared, because the Coronavirus will soon end.


Michelle Dalida-Calayag shared a post on social media which went viral because of a vision her daughter Jahzara Bryelle saw in her dream.

The devout Christian mother wrote a detailed conversation that she had with her daughter that night.

The girl was surprised that her mother went online to share the revelation on social media, but it was done with the intention of stirring faith and giving hope to everyone. The post has more than 66,000 shares with over 130,000 reactions.


While the mother and daughter were watching CNN News report on television about the COVID-19 cases, Jahzara “Jahzy” suddenly spoke. “Mommy you know what, God told me something,” she told her mom.

She asked her, “How? What did He tell you?” Jahzy replied, “I was sleeping last night and in my dream, I hear God, He told me, ‘Jahzy don’t be scared, the virus will be gone on April.’”

The mother responded, “Wow! Wait, were you scared?”

The girl said, “Yes, even before,”

“How about now?” she asked. “I’m no longer sacred,” Jahzy replied.

On asked why, the little girl confidently said, “Because God is with me, and the Holy Spirit is with me. So I’m not scared.”


The mother couldn’t believe it, but Michelle clarifies her intention in sharing that conversation with Jahzy. She wrote, “The intention of this post isn’t to focus on the message she received but rather on the faith of a child. We pray that this would stir faith and hope upon us, and lead us to utter a prayer of blessing upon our nation and the world.”

She ended her post on a great note, saying, “Her faith is shouting loudly here. While news (legit and fake) is spreading like wildfire, she opted not to focus on the problem but on God. Her words resonate and bring hope,” reflected Michelle.


“And it is not made up, the word says, “for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control“. (2 Timothy 1:7)

And she ended the post challenging every believer, “Her faith is anchored to the One who is unshaken. How about you, is your faith grounded?”

What a great word of encouragement to the body of Christ, once we are firm in the word of God, nothing can shake our faith. In Hebrews 12 it talks about a time of shaking to come, where the foundations of Faith are assailed, and the Bible maybe denied, but nothing can shake or change Him (Hebrews 1:10-12).

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