Dallas Police And Bystanders Rescue Man From Burning Car In 6 Vehicle Crash

With calls for defunding the police and boycotting them growing louder by the day, it’s not a surprise that the police have continued doing their duty ignoring the negativity they face and performing the tasks they have been called for.

Act of bravery

Now Dallas police are being hailed as heroes after they helped save the life of a man unconscious and trapped inside a burning car. They credited bystanders for jumping in and helping them save the man after they received 911 calls about a fiery six-vehicle crash about 6:40 p.m. on Sept. 19.


Outstanding officers

Officers Jonathan Calder, Jonathan Martinez and Israel Banales went to the scene to find a car nearly engulfed in flames. “Once we got past the intersection, we drove up and we heard other citizens saying, ‘There’s someone in the car, there’s someone in the car,’” Martinez said.

The officers jumped out of their patrol cars and raced toward the burning vehicle. The man inside appeared unconscious and the officers’ body cameras helped captured the harrowing rescue. Calder said the “car was melting and dripping onto me” when he entered the vehicle to try to rescue the driver. But the seatbelt was stuck, and the intense heat and smoke forced Calder to step back.

Bystanders jump to the rescue

Officers and bystanders smashed the car’s windows, and poured water on the flames, police said. One bystander cut the seatbelt with a knife, allowing rescuers to pull the man to safety, Banales said.

The man inside the care was badly burned and has been rushed to a local hospital, there is no update about his condition for the moment. Officers were modest about the rescue and credited the bravery of community members who stepped in to help.


“Three officers alone pulling on this guy wouldn’t have made it,” Martinez said. “It was the combination of the citizens putting their lives on the line, getting closer to that car, helping pull the gentleman out of the car, using water, using resources that they had.”

Calder added: “Without the citizens of Dallas, we wouldn’t have been able to successfully save him. So I thank them for that.”


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