Cougar Stalks Man Running On Utah Trail For 6 Minutes

Scary footage of a cougar stalking a man for six minutes running on a trail has gone viral on social media.


The video was tweeted by basketball player, Rex Chapman on Tuesday, with the caption, “Slate Canyon near Provo, Utah: This guy went on his run and a cougar stalked him for more than 6-minutes. Omg…(sic).”

Kyle Burgess was hiking near Slate Canyon Park in the early evening hours when he pulled out his phone to record what he thought were four wild kittens but in reality, they were wild cougar cubs. Baby cougars look a lot like domestic cats but they are much bigger and have a mother who is terrifying, to say the least.

As he was filming them, he spotted a cougar come out onto the trail and filmed the cougar stalking, lunging, and charging at him for the next 6 minutes. Kyle did what most of us wouldn’t dream of doing, he stopped running instead turned on his camera, and yelled at her to go away. He said, “My adrenaline was pumping so much.” The cougar stalked him back down the trail for what seemed like ages while Kyle kept saying, “Go away. Go get your babies.”

The cougar can be seen stalking Kyle slowly before she charges and lunges at him while hissing and then Kyle said to her, “Come on dude. I don’t feel like dying today,” as she got within four feet of him. He then threw a large rock at the mama cougar which startles her enough to cause her to run away. Kyle shared the footage on Instagram, where it has been viewed more than 132,000 times.