Christian Couple Leaves Judge Frank Caprio in Awe with Their Story of Faith and Gratitude

Two unique individuals walked into Judge Frank Caprio’s courtroom on the television show Caught in Providence, not to contest a fine or a ticket, but to share their profound testimony of faith, love, and gratitude. This Christian couple, one hailing from Iraq, the other from Israel, left the courtroom – and the Judge himself – visibly moved by their heartfelt message.

couple prays with judge caprio

Having met and formed a life together in the United States, the couple, Khalida Wukowitz and Yusuf Alter, are the embodiment of the country’s melting pot. They found solace, safety, and most importantly, freedom in the land of opportunity. “We love this country and the freedom I have today, I would never in my country,” Khalida poignantly declared. She went on to describe how the liberties granted in the United States, primarily the freedom to worship openly, had transformed their lives.

The couple’s gratitude towards their adopted home is not simply verbal; it translates into action. They have made it their mission to “pay it forward.” They travel throughout the country, visiting places of immense suffering, praying for the homeless, and sharing their love for their country with others. “We just go around and visit the state, because we are now Americans and we part of this nation, too. And we pray, everywhere we go, we pray for the homeless. We feed the homeless. We pray for people. And we tell people we love this country because it gave us so much. We want to give back,” Khalida expressed.

In the face of such manifest goodwill and faith, Judge Caprio was deeply moved. The couple’s dedication to spreading love and peace, to help and heal, gave him “goosebumps.” He spoke of shared human desires that transcend geographical boundaries, emphasizing the universal yearning for love, security, and service to God and mankind.

The encounter with Khalida and Yusuf was evidently profound for Judge Caprio. In an act of shared faith, he made a heartfelt request: “I would ask, at some point after you leave, if you would remember us in your prayers,” he said. “I would really appreciate that, and I promise, we will pray for you as well.”

This unique interaction between the Christian couple and Judge Caprio showcased the power of faith and gratitude. Their story served as a reminder that amidst the world’s trials and tribulations, love, prayer, and kindness can bridge divides, heal wounds, and inspire humanity. As the couple continue their journey of faith and service, they stand as shining examples of the Christian principle: “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” (Acts 20:35) Their story inspires us to remember that faith is not simply about belief but about translating that belief into acts of love and service.