Police Officer Goes Above And Beyond By Holding Baby For Hours While Mother Files Domestic Violence Report

Police officers are perceived to be tough, non-friendly and lacking emotions, but this Utah police officer is garnering praises after photos showed him holding a young mother’s baby as she filed a domestic violence report.

The young woman is mother to several children and as she walked into the West Jordan Police Department office to file a report and was filling in the paperwork, Officer Robert Lofgran held her baby and watched over her other small children for several hours at the station.

She was photographed by the department’s record clerks who snapped photos of the patrol officer on the call, and posted it onto the West Jordan Police Department’s Facebook page.

The department wrote, “He spent hours on this call. Thank you for your service!” The post has got more than 2,800 likes and has been shared 379 times by people.

Sgt. Alex Earelli who knows the officer said that the force is “happy” because “those are the type of values we’re trying to represent.”

He further said that this is the type of conduct the department expects from their officers and stressed how they have to “show kindness and support… in all their calls.”

He also added officers step in like this “more often than would get broadcasted.”

“I wouldn’t say it’s every single day, but it’s often where officers do step in to try and help out with providing any type of resource so the parents or the victims can get assistance,” he said.