Gay Hollywood Designer Gives His Life to Christ After Strangers At Coffee Shop Invite Him To Church

The false illusion of instant fame and power in the fashion industry has led many designers and models onto a path which is far away from God. But when one of them had a powerful transforming encounter with the love of God, his life was changed forever.


Former Gay Hollywood designer and author Becket Cook, shares a wonderful testimony about how an encounter with Christ saved his life.

Cook said his life as Hollywood gay designer was full of moving around in the fashion industry, having boy friends and celebrating homosexuality. In an interview he said his life changed 10 years ago when he walked into a coffee shop with a friend.

They immediately noticed Bibles out on a table, and viewed the men sitting at that table as “the enemy.” But his curiosity led him to strike up a conversation with them and they eventually invited him to church.

He said, “I had already been wrestling with questions about the meaning of life, searching for it in all sorts of ways. But I knew God was never an option, because I was gay. It was off the table. I wasn’t confused about what the Bible had to say about homosexuality. I knew it was clear. But I was still searching for meaning,” Cook said.


Cook accepted the invitation and soon found himself at church listening to a sermon preached from Romans 7. He was moved because it was the first time in his life he heard the word of God being preached boldly and clearly. It was like a veil had lifted off from his eyes, “It was shocking and unexpected to me, a Road to Damascus moment. It was so powerful, so all-consuming. I was all-in,” he said.

He said that he knew the meaning of life for the first time in his life and he could see clearly. “It was over,” he said of his former identity. “I was done with it.” He then began meeting with men at his church and started studying God’s word. “I couldn’t stop reading the Bible,” Cook said.

He would often end up in tears whenever he would read the Bible and now he came to know the meaning of life and understood who God was. Through his deep study of the word, he was able to find the answers to questions about Christianity and homosexuality.

Watch Becket Cook’s powerful testimony below.

Cook has now released his book titled, “A Change of Affection: A Gay Man’s Incredible Story of Redemption,” where he shares his testimony and encourages others to live life with an eternal perspective and not for momentary pleasures. “My motivation for writing this book is not to win a debate,” Cook said, “More than anything, my hope is that you will come away with a better understanding of this complex issue, from every angle, so you can make informed choices that affect eternity.”

‘The Holy Spirit Overwhelmed Me’ – Gay Hollywood Designer Turns To God


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