Couple Snowballing On Utah Mountain Rescue 3 Puppies Living In Sheep Carcass In The Snow

Utah couple who went for a snowmobile ride found and rescued three puppies living in a sheep carcass on top of a Utah mountain.


Corey Holt and Kat Perry were snowmobiling on Monte Cristo when Perry saw an adult dog miles into the back country. “I’m not going to leave any animal on the mountain to starve, especially, it was obvious she had pups,” Perry said.

The couple returned next day to search for the dog and spotted three Great Pyrenees puppies, around five miles from the closest road. They were all living inside a sheep carcass that they probably had killed and eaten earlier.

Weber County Search and Rescue helped remove the puppies off the mountain, but the mother was not willing to trust them and so Perry left behind 20 pounds of dog food for her.


Holt said, “We didn’t have a leash, we didn’t have a rope or anything so we decided the best thing was [to] get these guys out first and then go back in and try to get her.”

Perry added, “The pups were cold, shivering and wet and just a little ball of ice.” Investigators say the mother was a sheepherder who left to give birth to her litter during the summer.

The puppies are at a Great Pyrenees rescue group in Montana, meanwhile the volunteers are still searching for their mother.

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