‘This Is A True Blessing’: Man Diagnosed With COVID Leaves Hospital After 453 Days

A man from Houston, Texas is giving all the praise to God and His angels for getting him out of the hospital after 453 days following a tough battle with COVID.


Weaymon “Dub” Crochet from Bellaire was admitted to Houston Methodist in The Texas Medical Center with COVID in August, 2021. He was then transferred to Houston Methodist Continuing Care Hospital in Katy, after three months, where he had remained until his release a week ago.

When he was discharged, the doctors, nurses, friends and family cheered for him, forming a line from the elevator to his car, in a celebratory fashion as he bid goodbye to his long stay at the hospital.

He expressed his gratitude and said, “The doctors and nurses couldn’t be a better group of people. I’ve never seen that many people work together and enjoy each other. Friends, can’t go through life without friends. Church is priority. And my family, God bless them. They’re my rock.”

Elated by his recovery, his wife, Rachel said, “He’s a miracle, he is a miracle. They said there was no way he could survive,” she said. “I went, ‘Nope, he’s walking out of here. He’s walking out of here!” And he did! And he did!”

Dub has a long way to go in his recovery but said, “This is a true blessing. God [gave] me all his angels to get me out of here,” as he finally gets to go back home.

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