Cow Hilariously ‘Gives Directions’ to Beachgoers in Viral Video

In their excitement to head to the beach, two young men, driving past a group of cows, humorously decided to ask them for directions—and unexpectedly received a response!

cow gives directions

A delightful video of a cow seemingly giving directions to these passersby has been trending on social media, offering a moment of laughter in these grim times.

The user who shared the video says, “On July 13 we were driving to the beach without imagining that what I recorded would become a viral video. We asked a cow, who was walking along the Bolonia road that led to one of the most beautiful beaches in Cádiz – Spain.”

“The question was the following: ‘Good afternoon, which way for Bologna?’ The cow indicates by turning its head towards where the Bolonia beach is. We did not believe what was happening at that time.”

He goes on, “When we saw the group of cows we said, ‘we’re going to ask the cow with jokes where the beach is,’ without imagining what was going to happen.” To their amusement, the cow tilts its head, seemingly showing them the correct direction.

He concludes by saying, “Thank goodness we recorded it because you try this and it never comes out. I recorded it and it was put together.”


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