Bunnies Think Golden Retriever Is Their Mom And They Can’t Leave Her Side

A cute video of a group of 22-day-old bunnies thinking that their mother is Bailey, a Golden Retriever, is bringing joy to many people around the country.


The little bunnies can be seen moving around the dog who is sprawled out on the bed and snuggling up near him for warmth.


A little bird can also be seen jumping about with the bunnies and they all seem so united and happy being around each other.

Enjoy the adorable video here!

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Julie Tofilon

So much adorablenss in one place! Total sweetness here! <3 And an illustration of how different "cultures" and types can get along well! šŸ™‚


Morning potion of cuteness! šŸ™‚

Belinda Ferrer-Orta

Yup, I agree! A sheer overdose of cuteness!


No matter whether it be a Golden or a Lab these dogs are so even tempered. Love is in their nature as in all dogs! Labs are a special breed. They are very trainable but when in fact they train you. Dogs show some how to love by their actions with other animals.

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