Cow Waits At Farmer’s Window Every Morning For A Hug

A video of a cute cow greeting and hugging her owner first thing in the morning is warming hearts all over the country.



Two-year-old Jenna loves attention and moos when she is frustrated when her caretakers don’t greet her with a hug every morning. She was born infertile and wasn’t able to produce milk, her dairy farmer wanted to kill her, but his daughter wanted to spare her life and asked if another home could be found for her.

A friend connected them to Ryan Phillips, 42, and Mallory Sherman, 34, who rescued Jenna. The pair are running a nonprofit farmyard sanctuary in Williamsburg, Virginia, and are greeted by Jenna every morning, who moos loudly at their kitchen window.

Unlikely bond

“Jenna treats me like I’m her best friend and saw me like I was her mom when she was little because I brought and fed her bottles,” Phillips said. “I spent every night talking and lying with her in the barn and making sure she was healthy and happy.”


Jenna has now been nicknamed as the Calf Who Lived and lives at the Life With Pigs Farm Animal Sanctuary among fellow cows as well as turkeys, chickens, dogs, and pigs. “We are truly best friends, and she’s definitely just as much family as any human could be,” said Phillips, who added that Jenna engages in “goodnight hugs and scratches as well.”

Wow! What a beautiful bond Jenna shares with her new owners, if you like this uplifting story of hope, then share it with someone who would benefit from it as well.

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