Street Dog With Injured Paw Takes Itself To Pharmacy

A dog sent the internet into meltdown when it walked to the door of a pharmacy in Istanbul, seeking medication for its injured paw.


The street dog stood at the door of the pharmacy looking at the pharmacist, Banu Cengiz, who immediately attended to the dog who had a bleeding paw. The adorable dog then put its paw on Banu’s hand and she cleaned it and put medicine on it and also gave it food and water.

“When I was done, she laid down as if to thank me. She was saying, ‘I trust you’,” Banu Cengiz said.

Cengiz has a small place outside her pharmacy where she keeps stray dogs that she cannot adopt. She says, that she does it because they have feelings and they need help, she also advised people to teach their children to love and respect animals and nature, so that everyone can live in harmony in this world.

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Nelson Grubbs

It’s too bad we can not all get along better in this world. Bless this women to help a animal.


May God bless this woman abundantly and the sweet souls she treats.

It breaks my heart to see animals suffer. We are responsible to and for them. Humans are the ones who domesticated the animals, therefor we are responsible to feed and care for them!

God said we are to be the caretakers!


That is so sweet. We also have street dogs in India. We have about 10 that hang around outside our gate. They all have names given by my children. We have stray cats too. They love sitting on our porch. Once in a while a dog slips past someone coming through the gate and upsets the cats but they’re fine.

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