Video Of Perplexed Cat Looking Shocked On Seeing Her Own Ears In The Mirror

A video of an extraordinary kitten called Mimo, who is self-aware has been posted by her owner on Instagram.

Nor Darwish, Mimo’s owner has posted this cute video of her discovering herself in the mirror.

It shows her discovering her ears while looking at herself in the mirror. She looks a bit confused and worried.

“Ugh, why didn’t you tell me my ears were sticking up like that,” the Instagram post says. “I can’t believe you let me walk around like this all day. Stupid human.”

You must watch this cute video to see Mimo and her antics.

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Animals are sweeter than humans… most of the time!

Nella Wardlaw

She can Rub her Ear & Pat her Nose at the same time!! She’s seen humans try to Pat their Head & Rub their Tummy’s with great difficulty. She’s just showing, “Ain’t Nothin’ to This Trick!!” ❤️

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