Therapy Dog Helps Turn Around Autistic Mom’s Life

This is a story we all can relate to, Before Ruth had Ryder as a dog, she was absolutely lost and could not interact with people.

Ruth has autism and was very ill, so one day she asked God to send her a special friend, and her family has heard of assistance dogs who help children with autism.

So when she got her own dog, Ryder, she was thrilled.

She used to have problems sleeping due to autism, but Ryder would lie on her in such a way to give her deep pressure therapy and that would help her sleep really well.

Ruth had problems interacting with family members and outsiders, but Ryder helped her overcome it which surprised her and her family too.

Ruth could not go alone for shopping and her mom had to be with her constantly, but now Ryder and she go off together for shopping and he is always helping her out in her housework and chores.

Now Ruth has been able to move into her own independent flat and Ryder is there with her helping her through it all, even reminding her when to take her pills.

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