9-Year-Old Boy Cheats Death After Crucifix Saved Him From Stray Bullet

A young boy from Argentina, was able to cheat death after the crucifix necklace he wore stopped a stray bullet from hitting his chest.


Tiziano, 9, was shot on the doorstep of his home in Las Talitas on New Year’s Eve but escaped as his mom calls it a ‘miracle.’

The incident

He was celebrating the end of the year with his family and was playing with his sister and cousin when he suddenly felt pain in his chest and saw a bullet on the ground near him.

He was rushed to the hospital where doctors found a superficial wound which was treated within an hour. His aunt found his crucifix necklace on the ground after he returned home.


The silver cross had a hole in the middle where the bullet had entered. Tiziano had received it as a gift from his father David, 36. The boy said he realized the crucifix had saved him when he saw it fall off in the shooting.

His mother Alejandra said Tiziano was blessed and to their family, she said, ‘He is here thank God. For us, it is a miracle. We took him to church, he talked to the Father, He told him that he has been blessed. Anything could have happened to him. For us, it is a miracle.’


New Year’s Miracle

Local media is calling his story as a ‘New Year’s Miracle’. Meanwhile, the police are investigating as to who fired the bullet.

They said: ‘The event took place around 10 pm on December 31, 2020. A 9-year-old boy named Tiziano, from the neighborhood of Las Talitas, checked in with his father into the ER of the Baby Jesus Hospital in the southern part of the capital city with a superficial wound in the thorax, produced by a firearm. After being checked thoroughly by several doctors on staff for 48 minutes, the boy was released.’


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