Watch What Happens When Martial Arts Classmates Cheer Tearful Boy Who Failed To Break Wooden Board

A video gone viral of a young martial arts student in Florida is inspiring millions of people around the world.

It shows a little boy named Phoenix Swonger who is told to kick a wooden board in half as part of a test being held at Bobby Dixon’s American Martial Arts Academy in Orlando.

Erik Gianini, the manager of the dojo, tries to guide Phoenix to do the needful, but the youngster cannot break the plank.

The young boy gets frustrated and begins to cry but then his classmates start cheering him up.

In the beginning the students are heard shouting encouraging words occasionally to Phoenix, but after he begins to cry then they all begin chanting his name.

The shouting becomes louder and louder till Phoenix kicks the board with a swift kick and breaks the board in half, to the delight of the crowd.

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His mother, Claudia says that Phoenix did not have to break the board to advance his martial arts level, but this test has taken him to a whole different level.

“While it may have been a struggle, with encouragement, instruction, and lots of love, he overcame and advanced,” writes Claudia. “My boy learned one of the most important lessons in his life today! NEVER… EVER GIVE UP!!!”

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