Daughter Surprises Dad By Visiting Him On Her Wedding Day In The Hospital

Weddings are such beautiful occasions for the families involved, but it can become a nightmare if someone in the family comes down with an illness.

Ohio resident Steve Price, a father of four daughters, knew fully well that there were going to be weddings in the family, so he snapped up a 100-year-old hay barn and spiffed it up so that it would shine, but there were some problems he was going to face.

Some of Price’s kids who had got married, had utilized the structure, but none took their vows there — until his daughter Janea planned to in August. But tragedy struck and just before the wedding, he fell ill.

According to Janea, a week after coming back home from Nashville, her dad fell acutely ill and was rushed to the hospital, and was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis.

It became a serious health issue for Price and he was hospitalized for three weeks and was facing serious complications.

It soon dawned upon Janea that her dad was not going to make it to the ceremony and she was contemplating postponing her wedding but her dad told her not to.

So she carried on with her wedding plans and decided to show up on her wedding day at the hospital.

On her wedding day, 2 hours before the ceremony she visited the Wexner Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio, and hatched a plan.

Price’s nurse informed him he needed to get an X-ray and lo and behold as he was being wheeled out of his room, Janea was waiting for him in her wedding dress.

The daughter and father had the customary first dance and swayed to Darius Rucker’s ” It Won’t Be Like This For Long.”

Price was in tears and we are as well when we see the unfailing love between this father-daughter duo.

Price also got to see the whole wedding live as the family had put up some internet-connected iPads, one of which was at his bedside in the hospital and the other at the wedding.

Bride brings wedding to father at Wexner Medical Center

When Janea's father became ill days before her wedding, she wanted to make sure he didn't miss a thing.

So with some quick planning, she and her wedding team decided to surprise her dad at the Wexner Medical Center. | STORY: http://bit.ly/2MjBVFy

Posted by 10TV – WBNS on Wednesday, August 15, 2018