Dad’s Impromptu Performance Of ‘Ave Maria’ For His Daughter Is Simply Beautiful

Firefighters are known to be rough and tough, and are not known to be emotional, but this clip will make you think differently.

A video posted on Instagram, shows Firefighter dad, Justin Gigliello singing a remarkable rendition of “Ave Maria,” while his daughter Lyla looks on.

She is his biggest fan and requested him for an impromptu performance while on holiday.

Justin and his family were heading down for lunch at the Grand Floridian Resort in Disney World when Lyla saw the pianist in the lobby and had an idea.

She walked up to him and asked the pianist if her father and the pianist could have a duet, while her dad sings, he could play for him.

The pianist happily obliged and when Lyla’s dad started singing, you can see how happy she was.

She could not stop grinning as her father’s beautiful voice filled the lobby. The lobby soon was filled with his voice and people passing by stopped and looked to appreciate him.

This fire fighter dad’s gesture for his daughter definitely won her heart and many others. It just proves that there is no greater love than a father and daughter’s.


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