Strangers Showers Daisies For A Young Cancer Patient Named Daisy

A group of strangers gathered together showering happiness and strength to a young cancer patient’s birthday. And the 11 year old was overwhelmed in surprise to receive the hundreds of birthday cards and gifts arranged in the lobby of Nebraska Medicine in Omaha.

The “Daisies for Daisy” was arranged by strangers from across the United States for a young girl named Anguiano Miranda! It was initiated by a lady named Ashli Brehm, a breast cancer survivor. When She met Anguiano during her treatment, she came to know that the child had been diagnosed with cancer for the second time. Anguiano had a rare bone cancer called Ewing’s sarcoma! That is when Ashli decided to do something special for this little girl to bring smiles on her face! Because she knows the value of being loved and lifted up in such hard times in life!

Through her blog Ashli asked the readers to send anything daisy –related to the hospital. So that she can surprise Anguiano on her 11th birthday. Finally on this April 9 when she saw the marvellous decoration with all the gifts, paper daisies, seeds , art supplies and blankets , the girl was truly excited with joy and  happiness !

“I looked shocked and wanted to faint, but I knew I couldn’t , I’m so happy “.Anguiano said!

Seeing such heartwarming gestures of love will surely give us hope and faith in humanity! let us all pray for the speedy recovery of Anguiano!