Dancing Dad Celebrates In Style After His Son Is Declared Cancer-Free

This cool dad of four is grooving and dancing to celebrate the good news that his son is finally cancer-free. People could not help but get good vibes when they watched this father and son dance video online.

dancing dad cancer free son

Kennith Allen Thomas and his son, Kristian have charmed people online and their video has already racked up 400,000 views. They were wearing matchy red flannel shirts and jeans while flashing their big smiles. They were dancing on the way out of the house. Kristian was a ball of sunshine as he tried to imitate his dad’s grooves.

This young kid was diagnosed with Leukemia last June 2018. They were in the hospital most of the time and even had to stay for one month straight for Kristian’s medical needs. Bloodwork, chemotherapy sessions have been a norm to them. On top of that, Kennith and his wife, Josilyne, also needed to attend to their three other children. Kennith limited involvement in his New Jersey dance studio, Level Dance Complex, so that he could get things working for him and his family during this challenging situation.


But one could not put off this loving father’s spirit. Dancing plays a vital role in his life. He used what he’s good at to bring cheer to his sick son. Every day, he would dance for his son in the hospital even when things were not doing well. He knew that as a father, he needed to establish a positive atmosphere in the family. “I took all those strategies and tools that I learned as a dancer and choreographer, and I set the tone for my family, set the tone for the doctors, the team,” he said in a Fox News interview.


Kennith and his family were ready to face this ordeal for the long haul. He said that treatment might last for 300 days or possibly be extended up to two years. But lo and behold, the treatment was done after 149 days only. Little Kristian was “cancer-free” after approximately,  five months. The doctors were amazed by his fast recovery. This dad knew that dancing played a role in his child’s healing.


Their father-son dance videos did not only help their family but also helped a lot of people online. “The one thing that was very, very powerful was that we were helping a lot of people that were in that same situation or other situations that were battling their own thing,” he delightfully expressed. To celebrate this milestone, Kristian and Kennith now post a dance video monthly.

Proverbs 17:22 states that “A cheerful heart is a good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” Being joyful in the midst of a trial can certainly work wonders! God can always give anyone the joy that he needs in any circumstance. It is the constant, lasting joy drawn from Him and not from people or situations.

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