Daughter Pranks Mom with Tiny Hand After Surgery

A daughter decided to lift her mother’s spirits with a prank that will be remembered for years to come.

Following her mom’s wrist surgery, the young woman walked into the hospital room with a surprise that quickly turned confusion into laughter.

daughter pranks mother

Armed with a plastic baby hand, the daughter approached her bewildered mother, jokingly claiming she had donated her own hand after the doctors ‘couldn’t save’ her mom’s.

She continued to reassure her mother, suggesting she could still participate in normal activities like reading the Bible, cheering at games, and texting. All the while, she struggled to keep a straight face, often turning away to hide her imminent laughter.

The mother’s initial response, filled with concern and disbelief, quickly transformed as the joke unfolded. Her puzzled inquiry, ‘Why is it so little?’ was met with the cheeky explanation that it was ‘the best they could do.’

As the prank concluded, the video captured a shift to the car ride home, where laughter filled the air. The mother, now in on the joke, playfully exchanged high fives with another baby hand.

Watch the hilarious video below.


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