8-Year-Old Learns Sign Language So She Can Talk With Deaf Delivery Driver

An unlikely friendship between a young girl and a deaf delivery driver has gone viral on social media after he taught her sign language.


The girl from Ashton-Under-Lyne in Greater Manchester, England, is 8-year-old Tallulah who drew Tim Joseph, the deliveryman, a picture of a rainbow as a “thank you” for his work.

Joseph is deaf, and Tallulah learned how to sign “have a good day” just so she could greet him. Tallulah’s mom, Amy Roberts, took a video of the adorable interaction and shared it on Twitter.

“This is our … delivery man, who his deaf,” Roberts wrote, “[W]e see him 1 or 2 times a week, start of lockdown Tallulah drew him a thank you; he still has it proudly on show in his van, they have built up quite a friendship over these last few weeks. She’s signing ‘good morning’ which he taught her.”


The video shows Joseph teaching her how to sign “good morning” as well so that she can sign “good morning, have a good day.”

“Tallulah realized I was deaf and then one day she surprised me when she signed to me, ‘have a good day,’ I think she learned sign language at school,” Joseph said, “I was very happy and I then showed Tallulah how to sign, ‘good morning, have a good day’ and then she signed it perfectly and it absolutely made my day.”

Watch: Delivery Driver Who Is Deaf Teaches Little Girl ‘Good Morning’ in Sign Language

Joseph has kept the picture that she drew for him and it’s hanging up in his van. He was surprised when the video went viral and has seemed to enjoy watching it make the rounds and bring people joy. “I was very shocked when Tallulah’s mum posted the video on Twitter and I saw thousands of people liking it and people sharing it, saying ‘thank you,’ ‘learn to sign,’ and ‘thumbs up,’” he said.

“I hope more people learn to sign and we bring more people together. Thank you very much and ‘good morning, have a good day.’”

The success of the video has led to Roberts giving an update on their friendship, “Tallulah & Tim just had their Tuesday catch up, like us, Tim is overwhelmed with everyones lovely comments and interest,” Roberts tweeted on June 23. “He signed to us that he cried with joy. So #thankyou in a world where you can be anything.”


The company Joseph works for commented on the video, and asked for details so they could recognize their employee. “Hi Amy,” Hermes Parcels wrote. “This is lovely to see. We’re glad that the driver is offering such lovely service and has become friends with Tallulah, please could you pop us a DM with a recent tracking number and contact details so we can get him the praise he deserves? Take care, SB.”

We hope this results in Joseph getting appreciated by his company and leads to better things for him in his life. This cute video certainly made our day so much brighter.


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