Little Boy’s Only Wish For His 8th Birthday Was To See His Dad In Hospital

For parents, there is nothing more precious than spending time with their kids because they bring so much joy into the world.

The love of a parent for their kid is everlasting and deep which will never reduce even when they are apart from one another.

Just like the love between this father and son who spent months apart due to the covid, but when they reunited it brought tears in every eye.


An 8-year-old boy got the best birthday gift he could ask for when he was able to visit his dad, who’s been stuck in the hospital with COVID-19 for months.

Kristian Ormson was hospitalized with complications from the coronavirus on January 25 and was placed on a ventilator on February 15.

Kristian was off the ventilator and on the upswing by March 16 and that’s when his son Corbin told mommy, Ashley, that all he wanted for his birthday was to see his dad.

His dream came true and he was the happiest boy on heart when he was able to see his dad again in the hospital.

What a beautiful bond this father-son duo shares, this is such a wholesome video to see this morning.


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