Dean Cain Leaves California and Hollywood to Pursue a Christ-Centered Life

Dean Cain, best known as the 1990s Superman, has taken a significant turn in his life. He’s moved away from California and Hollywood, driven by his deepened faith in Jesus Christ. At 57, Cain now resides in Las Vegas, pursuing a spiritually focused life.

Dean Cain leaves California Hollywood

His journey to deeper faith began with fatherhood. His son Christopher’s questions about life and death made Cain reflect on his beliefs. “I started to raise this kid – and I knew he was more important in the world than me,” Cain said. This led him to introduce his son to Jesus’s teachings.

This change in perspective also influenced Cain’s career. He has shifted towards faith-based films, with roles in “God’s Not Dead,” its sequel, and “Paul’s Promise.” His recent film, “No Vacancy,” tells a story about a church’s commitment to the homeless. Cain remains dedicated to this genre despite criticism. He aims to produce films that are meaningful to his son and others. “Not all the films I make are faith-based… but a large majority are,” Cain stated.


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Cain’s decision to leave Hollywood was also faith-driven. He felt that the lifestyle there was at odds with his spiritual growth. “You see a lot of debauchery in Hollywood… I’ve asked forgiveness for those things, and I’ve mended my ways,” he commented. Reflecting on this transition, Cain noted, “And I’ll just say, God and I have a lot more conversations now than we did when I was 25.”

Cain’s story highlights the impact of personal beliefs on life decisions. His commitment to faith, family, and meaningful filmmaking serves as an inspiration. With numerous projects ahead, Cain continues to integrate his faith into his professional life, positively affecting his audience through his work.

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