‘God Told Me To Duck’: Woman Claims To Have Heard God Warn Her Before Falling Branch Hit Her Car

A woman is crediting God for saving her life after she claimed to have heard the Lord tell her to “duck,” before a falling branch hit her car’s windshield.


Debby Clish, from Brockckton, Massachusetts, was driving home after visiting her father in a hospital, she was moving along Pearl Street at around 4 pm when heavy rain was falling, little did she know that death was inching closer to her.

A huge tree branch fell on her car, crashing through her windshield and onto the driver’s seat and before it hit her head, she was able to avoid it. “I actually heard God’s voice say to me, ‘Duck!’ and I ducked,” she said.


Paramedics and firefighters who arrived and checked on her situation were surprised to see her uninjured. “The only thing I have is a very small cut on my hand. I’m very grateful. It was a very precarious situation. I just keep saying, ‘Thank You, God!’”

She continued, “It just randomly happened. Picture driving down the street listening to country music and bam, you hear the voice of God saying, ‘Duck.’ I put my head down in the passenger seat and ‘Wham! The branch came through the glass.”


Local news said that a part of the tree had broken and sent small and big branches across the roadway. The biggest chunk hit on Clish’s car. “I’m definitely grateful. This is a gift from God. When He tells me to duck, I duck and I’m walking away with nothing. I have no injuries, just a poor car. God saved me.”

This is a beautiful example of obedience and submission to the Lord. Debby Clish escaped from near-death just because she heard the voice of God and obeyed his instruction.

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