Latrobe Police Officers Spread Easter Joy With Free Dinners For About 100 Families

Latrobe police officers have ensured local families have a good Easter dinner, after hearing many families wouldn’t have money to buy ham, because of the income loss due to COVID-19.


Latrobe Polie Chief John Sleasman and Community Support Officer Beth Straka decided to do something.

“I overheard a parent say they weren’t going to purchase a ham because ham is so expensive, and they could buy five other things with that money,” Straka said. “My wheels just started turning.”

And it led to purchasing 100 hams, 10 50-pound bags of potatoes and 10 50-pound bags of onions which was enough for about 100 families who needed the help got a ham, vegetables and sides on Tuesday.

Local businesses and others who donated helped pay for it all. “Some families are living day-to-day, those are the ones we want to help,” Straka said.

By noon on Tuesday, a line had formed. Every vehicle got a box of food and some things for the kids. “We’re also providing a packet with information on coronavirus,” Sleasman said.

“This is a wonderful experience. It’s kind and it’s thoughtful,” Melissa from Latrobe said. “It warms my heart because there are other people just giving.”

What a great way to spread some much-needed joy during this depressing time of novel coronavirus. We wish all of you and your families a blessed Easter! God bless you!


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