Stranger Gives Homeless Veteran His Own Pair Of Shoes After He Seeing Him Walking Barefoot

We love and respect our military men and women and the sacrifices they have made for our country, but some of our veterans are living a very low-key life with no money for themselves.

Homeless veteran Sarge was walking towards Jesse’s car when the young man noticed he wasn’t wearing any shoes on his feet.

Jesse was moved as he had a box fresh pair of white Adidas sneakers on his feet while Sarge had none. So he asked him why he wasn’t wearing any shoes, the old man replied saying his old pair was worn out and had given him horrible blisters on his feet.

Jesse got off his car and had a conversation with Sarge for a while about his struggles, and realized how much Sarge needed the shoes more than he did.

After putting on the shoes, a grateful Sarge told Jesse he felt like he had clouds under his feet and told him God bless you. Jesse has also started a GoFundMe page for Sarge, where he has asked people to contribute generously for the homeless vet, so that he could live a comfortable life, till now the page has received $1000.

There is so much we all can do for the homeless people around us, we can make some meals for them, donate blankets and clothes or even take care of their medical needs. Its time we put the love of Christ in action.

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