Hero Dispatcher Saves Newborn In Rural Area After Coaching Parents On Infant CPR

New parents need all the help they can to get through the journey of parenthood and thank God for dispatchers like Rob Schimoler, who helped save the day for a couple who were fighting for their daughter’s life in Boulder, Colorado.


The couple’s newborn son who was under 4 weeks of age wasn’t breathing and was unconscious and they were really blessed that they had Schimoler, a 911 communications dispatcher to help them on the phone.

It was a frustrating situation for the new father whose first call was hung up, but then God sent Schimoler to save the life of that precious new baby. He called the distraught dad back and identified himself, and asked if they faced an emergency.

The emergency situation could cost their 4-month-old baby’s life if they didn’t get help on time and so the man said, ‘Yes. My baby is not breathing,’” according to a post from the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office.

The post shared, “Rob asked some additional questions to gain more information. The baby was just under four weeks old and was neither conscious nor breathing.” The family lived far away from the city in a rural area in the mountains which made it all the more difficult for help to reach them on time.

It was now up to the dispatcher and the parents to help the infant the best way they could and Schimoler gave almost 14 minutes of time to the new parents as he stayed with them instructing them step-by-step on how to perform infant CPR and even counted the timing for the couple. He clearly has a servant’s heart to help people with a Christ-like attitude. Amen!

The post described the tough moments, “Two breaths were given, followed by thirty, two-finger chest compressions, one and one-half inches deep and at least twice per second,” the post said. “Rob was their metronome, counting ‘1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4’ as they provided the compressions.”

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Posted by AdventHealth Heart of Florida on Tuesday, 1 June 2021

As Schimoler gave instructions and the new parents followed them to the tee, it worked and in minutes the sound of the crying baby filled the air to the joy of the parents. The baby was still not stable enough but soon the fire department came on the scene and gave the baby all the emergency care it needed.

Schimoler made such a great impact on the life of a person while staying on the phone and this act of kindness was appreciated by Coal Creek Canyon Assistant Fire Chief Ceurvorst who called him the family’s hero. “I wanted to reach out to commend your dispatch team on this morning’s one-month-old patient,” Ceurvorst said.

Dispatcher Rob Schimoler received a Life Saving Award in recognition of his actions. Rob recently received a 911 hang-up…

Posted by Boulder County Sheriff's Office on Thursday, 5 May 2022

“I’m not sure who was guiding the parents through infant CPR, but they certainly deserve a shout-out. The infant had just started breathing and crying on our arrival. We had a lot to do to stabilize this newborn, but it would not have been possible without the good CPR prior to our arrival.

He said, “Our jobs, both in Dispatch and Fire, are challenging and we often do not achieve the patient outcomes that we would like, but the success of today’s incident makes all the training and sacrifices we endure so worth it. We were fortunate that it was our day to be heroes. Strong work!”

Praise God for talented dispatchers like Schimoler who may not be in the limelight like police officers and firefighters but his timely action saved the baby’s life. Recently the Sheriff’s office also thanked him for his act of kindness and gave him a reward.

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