Woman Captures Video Of Mysterious Figure Walking In The Clouds

A woman’s video capturing the gathering of storm clouds has become an internet sensation overnight.

Solo Dolo decided to film the gathering storm clouds in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, but little did she know that it would become such a highly viewed video when they spotted what appeared to be a mysterious figure walking in the clouds.

In the video, Solo pointed out a hole in the sky, which was actually a reminder that God was in control.

“Look at that hole right in the sky — that’s who’s got the power,” the voice of Solo Dolo proclaimed. “He got us covered at least, we’re alright.”

Solo Dolo highlighted the spot in the clouds, but a friend’s comment brought attention to the mysterious figure which was seen walking around in that exact spot.

Viewers can see a human-like silhouette walking across the bright white cloud in the video, this made people crazy and some even said that this figure could be God!

“Can’t tell me my God ain’t real!” Solo Dolo responded in the comments of the video.

These kind of videos inspire conversations about God and spirituality, which ultimately leads people to faith in God.