10 Acts of Kindness Shown By Random People During The Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic is increasingly damaging the world economy, thousands of people get infected every day, and the worldwide morale is rather low. But as we wait for some good news, the truth is that there are a whole lot of amazing positive stories with great gestures people did to help others during this time of need. Here you can find a short list with some amazing acts of kindness that show just how much people want to help one another.

10. A couple from Houston left a $9,400 tip

Let’s face it, you don’t really hear about this kind of tips anymore. But it seems that a couple from Houston wanted to show the Coronavirus can’t stop businesses in the US from going on. That’s especially true when it comes to restaurants. Many of them are closed indefinitely until the pandemic goes away. So you can imagine how stressful it can be for the staff of a restaurant that they might not have their job in a few days or a month.


Which is why a couple decided to offer that restaurant and their staff a way to stay in business at least for a little while. Despite having a $90 meal, the couple left a tip of $1900 in cash and they also put a $7500 tip on a credit card. They decided to stay anonymous, however the staff was shocked to see so much generosity. Obviously such a generous tip can help the restaurant staff, especially when most of them are basically living paycheck to paycheck. It’s this type of generosity and acts of kindness that we really need in our lives. Hopefully they inspire us to do great things and help others as well.

9. 15-year old donates sanitation kits to homeless people

There’s no denying that homeless people are maybe the most affected ones in this kind of situation. They live on the streets, they touch items that might have already been touched by infected people, and their immune system is definitely not the best. A 15-year-old decided to make a change and she created 250 sanitation kits that she will share with a vast range of homeless people in California.

Shaivi Shah

Each one of these kits includes things like handmade reusable face masks, antibacterial soap, lotion and hand sanitizer. This is an interesting way to help people and it certainly makes a lot of sense. We need more positive stories like these, because a lot of people tend to think about themselves instead of helping others. Maybe instead of hoarding toilet paper in shops we really need to find a way to deal with this issue and help others. Offering assistance to homeless people really means a lot, and it can make a huge difference.

8. 7-year-old uses his savings to feed students and create care packages for seniors

This is actually one of the most heartwarming stories you can find at this time. And there’s a reason for that. A boy that’s basically 7 years old manage to accrue around $600 in savings from his parents. But instead of just using those savings to buy toys, he decided to help others in his neighborhood during this demanding and rather damaging outbreak. He created multiple care packages for seniors and he is currently donating them to seniors in the region. He also acquired 31 hot meals from a local restaurant.


The idea here is to help seniors and assist local businesses that have been impacted quite a lot by the government closure. It’s a small gesture, true, but this huge act of kindness coming from a child shows us just how much we need to change as a society. We need to stick together and go through all these challenges instead of just ignoring the hassle. Read more >>

7. Young girl helps an old couple shop and protects them from the virus

There’s no denying that older people tend to be the ones most affected by the Covid 19 virus. That’s why many countries all over the world are encouraging the elderly to stay inside and not go out at all costs. It’s extremely important to stick to these rules, but the problem for old people is that they can’t really go outside without running the risk of being infected. Which is why a young girl decided to help the Arizona couple get their food.


And she went to the store to buy the food that they needed. She gave them their phone number, and she told them she would be able to do any shopping without a problem. This really goes to show how even a simple gesture can make the community happy. And that’s why we need to do the same. We have to help old people in our areas, as they are the ones prone to suffer the most from this virus. We need to take control over the Coronavirus pandemic, and even something simple like this can make a huge difference. Read more >>

6. Local restaurant from Arizona offers free meals to first responders

There’s no denying that first responders are the ones dealing with Coronavirus cases the most. They put themselves in harm’s way trying to protect other people and even save their lives many times. That’s why we need to show some acts of kindness and repay these people the best way that we can. A local restaurant from Arizona that serves Mexican food decided that it would be great to show some appreciation to first responders.


The main idea here was to offer them free meals to these people that put the lives of other people before their own. And yes, the restaurant managed to provide hundreds of meals to first responders, showing them that the community is here and it won’t go anywhere. This is a great way to show everyone that the only way we can get past the Coronavirus pandemic is to help each other, even if it’s just with a few meals! Read more >>

5. 2 kids play a classical cello concert to an elderly neighborhood

Sometimes the best thing you can do when it comes to raising morale is to think outside the box. This Coronavirus pandemic brought the worldwide morale down and it continues to worry people from all over the world. The only thing that we can do at this time is to try and find simple, yet exciting ways to think about. And that’s what two kids decided to do in Ohio. What they decided here was to go to a neighborhood full of elderly people and offer them a really nice cello concert. There’s no denying that every simple thing helps, especially during such a pandemic. And it’s easy to see that it works quite well in this situation.


The two kids had a very successful concert and everyone in the neighborhood appreciated the gesture. We need as many good news as possible in a situation like this, as people from all over the world are dealing with huge challenges, so even a simple thing can make a huge difference. And that’s why we believe that something as simple as a concert can help bring in more hope and happiness in the life of other people. Read more >>

4. A family from Maryland offers free toilet paper to people that really need it

An interesting and quite unprecedented thing regarding the US Coronavirus crisis is the fact that a lot of people decided to go to the stores and empty the toilet paper shelves. This is the type of situation that happens all over the world right now. You can barely find toilet paper in the US, so you need to find a way to handle this situation adequately, otherwise there can be problems.

Maryland family donates free toilet paper to people in need.

A family from Clear Spring bought 10 cases of toilet paper, each with 96 rolls and they decided to go to a parking lot to share it with anyone that needs it. There’s no denying that this is the type of product you barely get to find on the shelves right now. Especially older people need toilet paper, as finding something like this can be hard for them. In these dire times when we are all dealing with a pandemic, we need to help each other and sharing items that cover our basic needs is exactly what we should do. Read more >>

3. Man pays for two people in front of him at a grocery store

In many states groceries became a bit more expensive due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and the challenge is that a lot of people just can’t afford to buy all the stuff that they need. A man from Cullman decided to help others, and he decided to let 2 people in front of him. They added all the items they wanted to shop for on the conveyor belt at the cashier stand and then he offered to pay for their purchases.

Cullman man pays for strangers’ groceries

If this sounds really strange, that’s because it is. We are not seeing this kind of goodwill anymore, although we should. And the interesting thing about this entire process is that he didn’t really want to have his name public, even if it did eventually come to light. We have to help each other the best way that we can, and a simple gesture like this can speak volumes when it comes to how we help people and address concerns or challenges especially during a pandemic.

2. Woman photographs an old person staring at empty shelves of bread, then shares one of her own packets of bread rolls

One of the main problems we are dealing with during this pandemic is the fact that many stores have empty shelves. Toilet paper, bread, sanitation products tend to be gone as soon as they hit the shelves. And that’s a problem, because old people can’t really get to these products in time, even if they are in dire need of them. What really matters here is finding a way to help them, and being kind with them can actually be a great thing.


A woman from Australia saw an old many staring at the empty shelves because he wanted some bread, but obviously there was none left. After taking a picture of that man, she decided to help, so she shared one of her bread rolls with him. This is a great example of what we need to do when we see people in dire need of something. We need to help them as much as possible, and even a simple gesture like this can make their day.

1. Landlord won’t collect rent to help his tenants during the Coronavirus crisis

Many people lost their jobs during the Coronavirus pandemic, and more will continue to do so. That’s because lots of businesses were forced to close due to being non-essential or a risk during the pandemic. While it helps protect the population from the virus spread, it’s important to understand the huge problem some people are dealing with. Many employees all over the US are living from paycheck to paycheck, so it’s almost impossible for them to pay rent and cover their living expenses.

Landlord Nathan Nichols

This is why a landlord from Maine decided to not collect rent for April, at least at this time. He has a sister which was affected as well, so he understands how a lot of people are feeling at this time. That’s why the landlord decided to just skip the rent collection for April. He said he might consider doing this as long as the pandemic continues. It’s a kind gesture and he really wants to help his tenants during these harsh times. Read more >>

As you can see, there are many acts of kindness being done all over the country. The Coronavirus pandemic is definitely bringing in severe challenges nowadays, so the best thing that we can do is to learn from what other people are doing and help everyone as much as possible. Nothing is more important than helping each other, especially in these dire times. You might thing that you need to do grand gestures, but the truth is that every simple thing matters right now. The only way to get past this Coronavirus pandemic is to help each other, and these positive stories show us exactly how to do that!

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