Dog Waits For And Hugs Little Boy Coming Home From School

A video clip showing a young boy coming home from school and getting greeted by his dog with a hug has touched the hearts of thousands on the internet.


The video shows the boy getting off the bus and running towards his dog waiting for him. The dog then jumps on his shoulder and tugs its head around the boys neck in an embrace.

Comments have poured in saying, “This simple gesture of a dog and a kid hugging each other like real brothers are so precious to see! When the boy grows tall, he would miss this moment … But thank you Mom for taking this video”

“That is the way every kid should be greeted after school. That little boy feels so loved right now. “

“The most adorable thing I’ve seen in a long time. Pure love between a boy and his dog. Really quite beautiful.”

What a beautiful gesture indeed , showing the close connection, the dog and its owner share with each other.


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