Brave Dog Plays Hide And Seek With Young Girl

A cute video of a dog and girl playing ‘hide and seek’ is putting smiles on the faces of thousands of people across the country.


The clip shows a Belgian Malinois attentively listening to the girl as she says, “Monkey, let’s play hide and seek. You go count”.

After this, Monkey the dog puts his paws up on the wall and hides his head between the legs.


The girl can then be heard saying ‘no peeping’ and towards the end of the video, he goes on to find the girl.

The video has been uploaded by an Instagram user, gsdfriend and has captioned the heartwarming video as “He actually played?”

Watch: Young Girl And Dog Play Hide And Seek In Adorable Video

It has got more than 200K views and liked over 24 thousand Instagram users. The comments section of the post is filled with people dropping different emojis.

A user wrote, “my gosh! This is precious!”, another wrote, “Adorable I usually play with my pups”

This adorable video is bringing some much-needed laughter and joy among the viewers during this time of the pandemic.

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