Hero Dog Saves Woman’s Life By Biting Attacker Holding Knife To Her Throat

Life can take us by surprise at a time when we least expect it to, a woman in Essex was taking a harmless walk with her dog when she had a near-death experience.

30-year-old Amy Edmonson was out on a late-night stroll in Southend-on-Sea with her pup Star whose loyalty and bravery helped save her life at the end of the day.

The time was was 11:30 p.m. on April 5 and Edmonson, mom to 9-year-old Riley, was just around the block from her flat when a couple approached her.

“We were just coming back from a dog walk, when a man and a woman approached and they were asking me where Southchurch was,” Edmonson said.

“I turned around and pointed in the right direction, and the man just jumped on my back, pushing me to the ground and held a knife to my throat.”

The couple asked her for money and Star, a Staffordshire terrier and Jack Russell terrier mix, who is normally a sweet dog, flew into action as soon as her leash was dropped.

“I was on the floor for what felt like forever,” she said. “But then I let go of my dog’s lead and she just jumped on him and started biting his leg.”


Star a…

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Star latched onto the man’s leg and wouldn’t let go and the female backed off and the male started cursing and trying to get Star off of him. “I told him he needed to get off of me so I could get my dog off of him,” Edmonson said. “After that he obviously panicked and ran away too.”

“All I was thinking was that my son was going to grow up without a mum and my dog was going to be without me,” she continued.

“Star 100 percent saved my life. I just kept thinking, I’m going to die, there’s no way to get this bloke off me. It was actually really out of character for her — she’s the most loving little dog usually, she would lick anyone to death.

“I was gobsmacked that she did what she did — but so grateful to her. She got an extra big dinner and lots of extra cuddles that night.”

Now Edmonson is avoiding late-night walks but knows that she can count on her brave dog anytime. “Star is my little lifesaver,” she said. “Without her I wouldn’t be here. She’s the most loving dog you will meet. I have never seen her like that but it just shows she was protecting me.”

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Kimberly Kau

Aloha from Hawaii.

What a great story and what a brave hero your dog is!
Thank you for sharing


Thank our Lord that Amy is all right! The name Star fits! That’s what she is, A STAR!

Our dogs will put their lives on the line for their dog parent.

I hope Amy reported this to the police. The guy shouldn’’t vbe to hard to find. Check the hospital for a dog bite victim.

What a wonderful story with a happy ending because a dog showed her love for her owner!

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